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Dane MacMillan
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Montreal / Trikala
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Did you bring a horse for me? // It looks like we're... it looks like we're shy one horse! // You brought two too many.

About the site

It will more or less reflect the author, Dane MacMillan. Much of it will be related to full stack software development, so a multitude of topics may be written about. There is also a chance that non-technical posts get published, as suggested by the blog description at the top of the landing page:

Interests: full stack software development, security, privacy, Mozilla, private trackers, motorcycles, firearms, political incorrectness, aphorisms, merino wool, and strength training.

Broadly, content will assume either a formal or informal style; tags will be used to indicate which style is in use, as will the tone of the writing. If no indication is provided, assume that it is formal.

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Getting In Touch

You can find me idling on several IRC servers most of the day. My nick is danemacmillan.